A Face Like Glass

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Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

In the dark underground tunnels of Caverna, talented artisans create delicacies beyond all possible imaginings: wine that will retrieve forgotten memories, cheese that creates magnificent illusions and perfume that would make you trust the wearer even if they slit your throat.

Eleven-year-old Neverfell has been apprenticed to Grandible, a solitary master cheese maker, ever since the day that he fished her out of a vat of cheese seven years ago. Shocked by her unusual appearance, Grandible has been careful to keep her always in her velvet mask and confined to the safety of his tunnels. But when she wanders away one day, she falls into the hands of the powerful Caversin family, who discover her remarkable secret. Soon, the naive and vulnerable Neverfell finds herself inextricably tangled in a new and terrifying world of intrigue, mistrust and danger. Who in Caverna can she really trust - and how can she discover the truth about her own mysterious origins?

This unusual and highly imaginative fantasy from Frances Hardinge is spellbinding: sophisticated, multi-layered and elegantly written. Set in a richly detailed dark fantasy world, and with an endearing central character in Neverfell, A Face Like Glass is sure to catch the imagination of confident readers.

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