A Clock of Stars: The Shadow Moth

Publisher: HarperCollins

Imogen and Marie's mum is going on a date, so their Grandma takes them out for tea - but when Imogen spots a beautiful moth in the gardens, she can't help but follow it through a door in a tree...

Joined by Marie, the pair tumble into a magical world and meet Prince Miroslav, who lets them stay in his castle. But with the King keeping a dangerous secret, will the girls manage to stay safe, learn the truth about the scary skrets attacking the town and the lesni people living in the woods, and find their way back home?

In A Clock of Stars: The Shadow Moth, Francesca Gibbons has created a fully-realised world that will envelop you as you read - it's so easy to imagine exploring the huge castle, finding shelter in a treehouse or whizzing down a frozen mountain stream.

Imogen, Marie and Miroslav are also beautifully written and utterly relatable - Imogen is often obstinate, but has a delightfully feisty spirit and a heartwarming sibling bond with Marie. And Miro might be spoiled, but he's also lonely - something the sisters help him to overcome.

With themes of friendship, bravery and understanding all wrapped up in a high-speed, funny, fantastical adventure, A Clock of Stars is the perfect story to snuggle up with as the nights draw in.

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