A Christmas in Time

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Ruby and Alex usually love staying at Aunt Joanna’s and last summer something mysterious and wonderful had happened when they stepped into a magical looking glass and were transported back in time. But this is Christmas. Meant for staying in your pyjamas all day at home and eating too much chocolate.

But Aunt Joanna has broken her leg so they have no choice but to go and help out at her B&B. Once at Applecott House, they are just starting to enjoy themselves when they see a strange reflection in the same old mirror and before they know it they are tumbling through time to all the bustle of Christmas preparations – in 1872!

Amidst the twinkling candles, icy weather and roaring fires, Ruby and Alex have an important task to fulfil before they can go home. They must save sad, motherless Edith who seems fated to be sent to a cruel boarding school where she is almost certain to die.

This is a cracking time-slip adventure with great characters and fascinating historical details, wrapped up in a life-or-death quest. Sure to add festive atmosphere to anyone’s Christmas but can definitely be enjoyed at any time of year. Ideal for newly confident readers.

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