Get scribbling to win an original drawing by Ed Vere

Our Illustrator in Residence, Ed Vere, has launched a very special 'drawing diary' competition - with the chance to win some fantastic prizes!

Here's what Ed wants you to do...

"Since we’re all going to be self-isolating together for a while. I thought we could have a competition around what could be meant by ‘a drawing diary’.

It could mean any number of things...

Maybe, a series of portraits of people you live with.

Or a story that builds over time using pictures… a bit like a comic.

It could be daily events from your life.

It could be a series of drawings of your cat going about their business (perhaps their night-time adventures)… or your dog, maybe your goldfish. Oh… you have rabbits? Rabbits then (or Guinea pigs... or pet rats, or - if you don't have a pet - is there a mouse behind the washing machine? You could definitely find a vast menagerie of animals on the internet - so lions, tigers, elephants and elephant shrews can be included too!)

It could be views out of different windows in your house. Who goes past? Is it sunny? Is that a bird talking to a squirrel in the tree?

It could be the changing expressions on someone’s face as they watch TV, or read a book, or daydream about being incredibly famous, or adventuring up the Amazon river.

It could be a series of drawings of things drawn from life… a houseplant, a person, a cat (dog, goldfish etc etc), the things in your house.

It could be a long flight of fantasy. 

I leave it up to you to decide, it can be whatever you want – but make sure it’s a series of drawings - and maybe in some way, they’re telling a story of some kind. Just as a diary does."

What will you win?

The overall winner of the competition will win an original drawing by Ed Vere, along with a set of Ed Vere books (signed and drawn in) and a set of Ed's favourite art pens or pencils - plus one of Ed's books for every child in Reception and in Years 1 and 2 when you return.

Two runners up will win a set of Ed's favourite art pens or pencils and a set of Ed's books for themselves.

The three winners’ drawings will be featured on the BookTrust website.

More about Ed Vere, our Illustrator in Residence

Important bits

  • This is a competition for pupils of primary school age
  • The deadline is 5pm on Friday 24 July 2020
  • The child's name and age and an adult's contact details must be included with each entry. Please also include the name and address of the entrant’s primary school as well as the name of a teacher and an email address for the school so we can contact them
  • Scan/photograph and email your entries to: Please attach the entries to your email or, alternatively, send us a link from Dropbox or another file hosting service. It is best not to use a file transfer service like WeTransfer, as these links tend to expire after a set amount of time

Terms and conditions

  1. To enter the competition, you must be a resident of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland
  2. The competition is not open to employees (or members of their immediate families) of BookTrust
  3. This competition is for primary school children only.
  4. Entries must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 24 July 2020
  5. BookTrust reserves the right to amend the competition end date at any time, so do keep checking the website
  6. Entries will be judged by BookTrust and Ed Vere. Our decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into
  7. The winner and two runners-up are expected to be notified in August 2020, although this is subject to change
  8. The winner and two runners-up will be announced on the website in August 2020, although this is subject to change
  9. By entering, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in our privacy statement

Draw along with Ed Vere on his website

For more resources around creating a drawing diary at home, check out our previous Writer in Residence Candy Gourlay’s amazing project Our Corona Diary.

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