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Princes and Princesses

I Want a Friend!

Are you ready for the Royal Wedding?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot in Windsor soon, and to celebrate, we've put together a list of lovely picture books about princes and princesses.

But get ready for some twists on the classics - these might not be the royals that you're used to...

  • I Want a Friend!

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Meet one of the great characters of children's books as Little Princess starts school.

  • Prince Cinders

    Author: Babette Cole
    Publisher: Penguin

    Prince Cinders leads a hard life, bullied by his three big hairy brothers - that is, until one Saturday night when Cinders' luck changes

  • The Princess and the Wizard

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Lydia Monks
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan

    Princess Eliza is having a birthday party. But just as she blows out the seven candles on her cake, the wicked wizard arrives… uninvited.

  • That's Not My Princess...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne Publishing

    This sturdy and durable board book is perfect for the very youngest children, with touch and feel images full of interesting textures and shapes that are ideal for small fingers to explore.

  • The Prince of Pants

    Author: Alan MacDonald Illustrator: Sarah McIntyre
    Publisher: Scholastic

    It's Prince Pip's birthday, and the first decision of the day is: which pants to wear? Morning pants? Evening pants? Pirate pants? Maybe the Magician's pants so he can play tricks on people. But - oh no! All the pants have disappeared from his pants drawer! 

  • Princess Smartypants and the Missing Princes

    Author: Babette Cole
    Publisher: Hodder

    A stroppy, independent-minded princess sets out to solve the mysterious disappearance of the prospective husbands of her three best friends.

  • The Princess and the Pony

    Author: Kate Beaton
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Princess Pinecone wants a warrior horse for her birthday - imagine her disappointment when she gets a short, fat, farting pony instead. However, the Princess is determined to make the best of things, and she and the farting pony prove that they have what it takes to win.

  • Princess Grace

    Author: Mary Hoffman Illustrator: Caroline Binch
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Grace has always dreamed of being a princess and when there’s a competition to select a princess for a school parade, it creates wild excitement...

  • The Princess and the Peas

    Author: Caryl Hart Illustrator: Sarah Warburton
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    In this light-hearted take on a favourite fairy-tale, Lily-Rose May is allergic to peas - so the doctor decides that she must be a princess!

  • The Little Prince

    Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupery Translator: Katherine Woods
    Publisher: Egmont

    An air pilot makes a forced landing deep in the Sahara Desert. There, he makes a mysterious Little Prince, who tells him a series of wise and enchanting stories.