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Journeys to Other Lands

Rumble in the Jungle

Travel from the desert to the jungle, the beach to the snowy mountains with our list of books that will take you on journeys to many different lands.

  • Handa's Surprise

    Eileen Browne
    Walker Books

    Glorious images of an African village convey the sights, smells and colours of the landscape, its animals and its food in a story told as much through pictures as through words.

  • Lost and Found

    Oliver Jeffers
    HarperCollins Children's Books

    Once there was a sad, lonely penguin who appeared at the door of a young boy. The boy decided he must be lost, so he set off to find his home.

  • Meerkat Mail

    Emily Gravett
    Macmillan Children's books

    Sunny lives on an arid plain with his extensive and loving meerkat family; they work together, play together and together do their best to stay away from jackals!

  • Anna Hibiscus' Song

    Atinuke Illustrated by Lauren Tobia
    Walker Books

    This delightful story about a happy girl learning to express her feelings is a wonderful celebration of the joy of life

  • Miki

    Stephen Mackey
    Hodder Childrens Books

    Shimmering like the northern lights, the illustrations' luminous blues and greens glow out of the darkness in this chilly yet elegantly magical wintry tale

  • Rumble in the Jungle

    Giles Andreae, Illustrated by David Wojtowycz
    Orchard Books

    • You'll enjoy this chunky board book edition of a popular book.
    • The story is packed with rhymes, animals and humour.
    • This is a fun, noisy book that children will love to join in with

  • My sister is an Alien

    Rachel Bright, Illustrator: Rachel Bright

    Alfie's new baby sister, Ruby, looks, sounds and smells like an alien. Alfie is convinced she often cries for home. He decides to take Ruby back to the moon where she belongs.

  • The Magic Paintbrush

    Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Joel Stewart
    Macmillan Children's Books

    When Shen is given a magic paintbrush, she promises only to use it for the good of the poor. But how will she avoid painting for the greedy emperor?

  • To the Beach

    Thomas Docherty

    Lovely story of a boy using his imagination to go on a trip to the seaside

  • Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbes

    Nicola Davies Illustrated by Emily Sutton
    Walker Books

    This is an original, special and memorable book that sets the bar high for illustrated children's non-fiction.

  • Tip Tap Went The Crab

    Tim Hopgood

  • Out of the Blue

    Illustrated by Alison Jay
    Barefoot Books

  • We All Went on Safari

    Laurie Krebs, Illustrated By: Julia Cairns
    Barefoot Books

  • The Selfish Crocodile

    Faustin Charles and Mike Terry

  • Little Jungle Explorers

    Anthony Lewis
    Child’s Play

    Colourful board book with double-sided explorer figure!