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Great Books Guide: for 4 to 5 year olds

We Eat Bananas

Here's a round-up of new children's books from the last year (2019), which we think any child aged 4 to 5 will love. We definitely do!

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  • The Perfect Sofa

    Author: Fifi Kuo
    Publisher: Boxer Books

    Panda and Penguin love their old sofa, but decide it's time to go shopping for a new one when the springs start to poke through. Fifi Kuo’s illustrations bring warmth and humour to the story of learning to appreciate and love what we already have in our lives. 

  • We Eat Bananas

    Author: Katie Abey
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

    Animal friends chomp their way through a variety of different meals in this cheerful celebration of food. Bright, bold illustrations are full of humorous detail and the book is a delight to share with young children.

  • Ravi’s Roar

    Author: Tom Percival
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    When being the youngest and smallest gets too annoying, Ravi roars and turns into a tiger! But who wants to play with a tiger? An entertaining book about losing your temper and recovering from it.

  • Hair, it’s a Family Affair!

    Author: Mylo Freeman
    Publisher: Cassava Republic

    This celebration of black hair, demonstrating the variety of hairstyles found in a single family, is another delightful read from Mylo Freeman: full of vibrant illustration and some simple text about elements of everyday life.

  • Mini Rabbit: Not Lost

    Author: John Bond
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    Mini Rabbit helps Mother Rabbit to bake a cake, but they run out of berries, so he embarks on an enthusiastic search for the missing ingredient. A delightfully funny picture book, bursting with distinctive, vibrant illustrations.

  • Dinosaur Farm!

    Author: Penny Dale
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    A glorious mash-up of dinosaurs and farm life, this picture book is pitched perfectly at children who obsess over both. Who doesn't want to see a Tyrannosaurus rex in a combine harvester? It's an absolute winner: fun, daft and educational. 

  • Have You Seen My Blankie?

    Author: Lucy Rowland Illustrator: Paula Metcalf
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    A princess loses her blankie. Who could have taken it? Her brother, a witch, a giant… or someone more fiery? A charming book that stresses the pleasure of sharing and features a brave and compassionate young heroine who is in no way a stereotypical princess. 

  • Cyril the Lonely Cloud

    Author: Tim Hopgood
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Cyril the cloud drifts alone through the skies, wishing somebody would smile at him. Instead, everyone blames him for spoiling their day. This vibrant, thought-provoking picture book demonstrates the importance of rainwater to make sure the planet thrives.

  • Look Up!

    Author: Nathan Bryon Illustrator: Dapo Adeola
    Publisher: Puffin

    Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola’s charming picture book gifts us with a gorgeous character in Rocket, a girl whose passion for all things space is as inspiring to the reader as her heroine Mae Jemison is to her. 

  • Billy and the Dragon

    Author: Nadia Shireen
    Publisher: Puffin

    Billy and her sidekick, the amusingly monobrowed Fatcat, are at a fancy dress party when a very large REAL dragon swoops down from nowhere and grabs Fatcat! As always, Shireen’s comic timing is first class.

  • Daisy and Bear

    Author: Fabi Santiago
    Publisher: Scholastic

    One Sunday afternoon, Daisy decides that she and Bear should go to the cinema. A funny book with a retro feel, full of silly expressions, happy chaos and a gentle reminder about cinema etiquette.

  • Rocketmole

    Author: Matt Carr
    Publisher: Scholastic

    When a brave mole sets off alone for the moon, he changes things on Earth, too. Parents and children will enjoy the inspirational message: you can inspire others if you try hard enough to make your dreams come true, and adventures are always better with friends. 

  • Bear Moves

    Author: Ben Bailey Smith Illustrator: Sav Akyüz
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Ben Bailey Smith (aka “Doc Brown”) and Sav Akyüz team up again to deliver this hilariously funny sequel to I Am Bear. Its energetic and colourful illustrations and superb rhythmic text will keep readers in stitches from start to finish.

  • My Grandma and Me

    Author: Mina Javaherbin Illustrator: Lindsey Yankey
    Publisher: Candlewick Press

    A true tale of a young girl in Iran, who idolises and follows her grandmother everything, this is a beautiful ode to family and lifelong memories, illustrated with wondrous and intricate detail. 

  • Little Green Donkey

    Author: Anuska Allepuz
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Little Donkey loves, loves, loves grass! In fact, Little Donkey doesn’t want to eat anything other than grass for ever and ever. But then Little Donkey eats so much just grass, she turns… green! A hilarious story with a very funny final twist that gently touches on the quirks of fussy eaters.

  • The Pawed Piper

    Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Chinlun Lee
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This feline twist of the classic tale The Piped Piper is a sweet and playful story. A great book to share with little readers that will strike a chord with anyone who has ever yearned for a cuddly cute pet. 

  • Mummy’s Suitcase

    Author: Pip Jones Illustrator: Laura Hughes
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    Mummy is going away for a few days, so well-meaning Ruby Roo and her little brother Barney decide to pack her suitcase. Bursting with lively illustrations, this funny tale will delight young readers.

  • Rosie Is My Best Friend

    Author: Ali Pye
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    A tale of Rosie and her best friend, who spend every day together and go on lots of adventures – with a twist at the end to delight young readers. A heartwarming, joyful and fun tale of friendship. 

  • Monty and the Poodles

    Author: Katie Harnett
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    Katie Harnett’s adorable book works on two levels: one, as a fun story about dogs, with lovely doggy illustrations, but also as a story about tolerance, compromise and staying true to oneself. 

  • How Big is our Baby

    Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Illustrator: Britta Teckentrup
    Publisher: Wren & Rook

    This marvellous non-fiction book, aimed at soon-to-be siblings, charts the month-by-month development of an unborn baby in the womb. Warm, cheerful illustrations depict different genders, ethnicities and family set-ups, giving it broad appeal.