Great Books Guide 2020: For children aged 0-3

Cover of Treacle Street: Prima's Missing Bunnies

Here's a round-up of new children's books from the last year (2020), which we think any baby or toddler aged 0-3 will love.

These brilliant books feature in our Great Books Guide and cover everything from early learning to flap books and wonderful stories to giggle over together.

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  • Duck and Penguin Are Not Friends

    Author: Julia Woolf
    Publisher: Andersen Press
    Interest age: 3-5

    Maud and Betty are the best of friends, so it only stands to reason that their favourite toys will be, too – doesn't it?! Funny and full of insight, this is the perfect picture book for celebrating the ins and outs of friendship. 

  • Nuts!

    Author: Lou Peacock Illustrator: Yasmeen Ismail
    Publisher: Nosy Crow
    Interest age: 0-3

    The squirrels are squabbling. He thinks the nuts are his and she thinks the nuts are hers. A really funny book to read aloud, which would be perfect for early years' classroom use, as well as an important lesson to share at home.

  • This is a Dog

    Author: Ross Collins
    Publisher: Nosy Crow
    Interest age: 0-3

    A mischievous dog has taken over this copy of ‘My First Animal Book’! Lots of fun and a real delight to read, this is a great book to share with little ones, full of beautiful simplicity. 

  • Mr Scruff

    Author: Simon James
    Publisher: Walker Books
    Interest age: 4-6
    Reading age: 5+

    Every other dog and its owner look suspiciously alike. But young Jim picks a dog who looks NOTHING like him. Their names don't even rhyme! A snuggly, cuddly book that inspires a sense of belonging and home, as well as appealing to all young animal lovers. 

  • Treacle Street: Prima's Missing Bunnies

    Author: Kate Hindley
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Interest age: 2-4

    Everyone on Treacle Street is excited about the bunnies’ Dance School’s first performance of their musical Duck Pond. However, Miss Prima, the dance teacher, can’t find the bunnies anywhere! The second book in Kate Hindley’s brilliant Treacle Street lift-the-flap board book series showcases her stunning illustration and is a lovely simple story for litt…

  • Goodnight Monkey: A Magic Torch Book

    Author: Joshua George Illustrator: Zhanna Ovocheva
    Publisher: Imagine That
    Interest age: 1-3

    Monkey is going to help us all say goodnight - but first she needs to say goodnight to her friends. Can you help find them? An ingenious interactive book.

  • Pug Hug

    Author: Zehra Hicks
    Publisher: Hodder
    Interest age: 2-5

    A very cute pug really wants a hug, but no-one wants to hug him! What is a pug in need of a hug to do? This simple but effective story is perfect for reading aloud with lots of giggly cuddles.

  • Goodnight, Little Bunny

    Author: Amanda Wood Illustrator: Bec Winnel and Vikki Chu
    Publisher: Magic Cat
    Interest age: 0-3

    Little Bunny sets out from her burrow for the first time - there are adventures to be had before it's time for bed. A simply told story and a very sweet book that combines illustrated backgrounds with real photography.

  • Farmyard Friends: Portly Pig

    Author: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Nosy Crow
    Interest age: 1-3

    Portly Pig is worried about being too clean. The grass is too pristine and the flowers and trees are too neat, so he goes to find somewhere muckier. Yet when Portly finds a nice muddy puddle to roll in, grey clouds appear and Portly gets washed clean again. What’s a pig to do?

  • Tim Hopgood's ABC

    Author: Tim Hopgood
    Publisher: Oxford
    Interest age: 1-2

    A perfect accompaniment to days out in the pushchair for toddlers or repeated reads at home, this is an accessibly beautiful, well-made alphabet book with 1-2 year olds in mind and is a lovely place to start learning letters, animals and words.

  • Put Your Botty on the Potty

    Author: Sam Lloyd
    Publisher: Pavilion
    Interest age: 2-5

    Little Moo Monster wants to be grown up, but he's still in nappies. Will he be ready for the potty-trained Monster Pant Party in time? This entertaining lift-the-flap book has a great message of encouragement for little ones outgrowing their nappies - and some very cheeky illustrations to enjoy!

  • Pablo and the Noisy Party

    Author: Andrew Brenner and Sumita Majumdar
    Publisher: Ladybird Books
    Interest age: 3-7

    Pablo finds the noise at his cousin's party overwhelming, but his imaginary friends are there to help him make sense of the situation. This empowering book and TV series competently reflect neurodiversity and has been developed by writers who are themselves on the autistic spectrum.

  • 100 First Words: With BIG Flaps to Lift!

    Author: Edward Underwood
    Publisher: Nosy Crow
    Interest age: 1-3

    When toddlers are just starting to talk and learn new words, books like 100 First Words are invaluable. A bright and colourful book that will be a favourite with little ones as they listen to and repeat the words. 

  • 1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur

    Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw
    Publisher: Farshore
    Interest age: 2-5

    Tom has his dino costume on and he's ready to do a dino dance through the jungle with his friends! This is a joyous reading experience that little ones (and big ones) won’t be able to resist joining in with, and perfect for reading aloud.

  • A Little Bit Different

    Author: Clare Alexander
    Publisher: Words & Pictures
    Interest age: 2-3

    The Ploofers  - little beings that look like upside-down balloons - have been busy practicing something very special, and now they’re ready to show everyone. But one of the Ploofers is a little bit different! A lovely book which teaches us to embrace what makes us unique and brilliant.

  • Who Said Woof? A lift-the-flap touch and feel book

    Author: Yi-Hsuan Wu
    Publisher: Little Tiger
    Interest age: 0-2

    This lovely board book has big flaps that little ones can turn over to see who said what and match the animal with the right noise. A wonderful introduction to animals and a help for babies’ speech development.

  • Maisy Gets A Pet

    Author: Lucy Cousins
    Publisher: Walker Books
    Interest age: 2-4

    The Maisy books explore events in the ordinary life of little ones, from starting nursery to going to the park, and this story about getting a pet has all of Maisy’s usual bright interest and calm friendliness as well as being a useful guide for little ones about caring for a pet.

  • Mini Monsters: Can I Play?

    Author: Caryl Hart and Tony Neal
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Interest age: 2-5

    Sparkle and Arthur have decided to put on a magic show. How exciting! Yet when their friend Scout asks if they can join in, Sparkle says no. A bright and colourful story about being a good friend (and saying sorry), perfectly pitched for older toddlers and pre-schoolers.

  • Nibbles Colours

    Author: Emma Yarlett
    Publisher: Little Tiger
    Interest age: 0-2

    Nibbles, the book-eating monster, is HUNGRY - and this book has some delicious colours to eat! A bright little gem that makes a lovely addition to the Nibbles series.

  • Baby Touch: Tummy Time

    Author: Ladybird
    Publisher: Ladybird
    Interest age: 0-1

    A colourful, three-dimensional book designed to stimulate and entertain babies during their daily tummy time sessions.