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Great Books Guide 2018: for 6 to 7 year olds

The bad Guys Episodes 1 and 2

Here's a round-up of new children's books from the last year (2018), which we think any child aged 6 to 7 years will love. We definitely do!

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  • Once Upon a Wild Wood

    Author: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: MacMillan Children’s Books

    A brand-new fairytale character, Little Green Rain Cape, sets off through the wild woods on her way to Rapunzel’s birthday party. On the way, she meets and helps a host of beloved fairytale characters. A delightful picture book that children of all ages will love.

  • Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser

    Author: Sophy Henn
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    Bad Nana is quite unlike Jeanie’s other two grandmas. So when Jeanie and her class go on a school trip, it’s no surprise that Bad Nana manages to make it a lot more interesting than anyone expected. A riot of bright colour and laugh-out-loud moments.

  • Dave Pigeon (Racer!)

    Author: Swapna Haddow Illustrator: Sheena Dempsey
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    The third book in the brilliantly funny Dave Pigeon series continues its light-hearted focus on friendship and the trials and tribulations younger children can face. In this instalment, Dave and Skipper have to face a too-cool-for-school gang of other animals.

  • Dogs in Space

    Author: Vix Southgate Illustrator: Iris Deppe
    Publisher: Wren & Rook

    This informative and exciting picture book details the journey of Belka and Strelka (dogs sent into space as part of the Soviet programme): through training to orbiting the earth and returning home safely.

  • Everything You Need for a Treehouse

    Author: Carter Higgins Illustrator: Emily Hughes
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Surely there can be no better imaginary treehouses than the incredible ones in this lyrical and beautiful book. The final message is about the power of imagination and aspiration.

  • Fox & Chick: The Party and Other Stories

    Author: Sergio Ruzzier
    Publisher: Abrams & Chronicle

    Explore the unique friendship and everyday adventures of mild-mannered Fox and excitable Chick: two seemingly opposite friends. Full of personality and humour.

  • Hansel & Gretel

    Author: Bethan Woollvin
    Publisher: Two Hoots

    Willow is a good witch, and it’s the horrendously naughty Hansel and Gretel who wreck her house and her magic spells. A delightful twist on the classic fairy tale.  

  • I Say OOH You Say AAH

    Author: John Kane
    Publisher: Templar Books

    A brilliant call-and-response book, which is perfect for fun with kids who can remember and relish all its chaotic rules.

  • Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor

    Author: Patricia Valdez Illustrator: Felicita Sala
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    This amazing and deeply inspiring story of a largely unknown scientist – and pioneer of the care of Komodo dragons – is a fascinating read, beautifully illustrated. 

  • Read The Book, Lemmings!

    Author: Ame Dyckman Illustrator: Zachariah OHora
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Welcome aboard the S S Cliff with first mate Foxy, Captain Polar Bear and three little lemmings. According to Foxy’s book, lemmings don’t actually jump off cliffs. There’s just one problem: the lemmings haven’t read it. An absolute joy to read.

  • The Wildest Cowboy

    Author: Garth Jennings Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie
    Publisher: Macmillan

    The Wild West isn’t usually a setting for many picture books (at least in the UK), which seems a shame based on this riotous, colourful adventure, which fuses the joy of fancy dress with the dusty remoteness of a pioneer town. 

  • The Goozillas! Escape from the Monstrous Maze

    Author: Dexter Green Illustrator: Jake Dash
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    In this second adventure in the series, Max and the Goozillas must navigate through the monstrous maze, avoiding the pixelated ghosts. This fast-paced, accessible series will appeal to fans of computer games, comics and all things slimy.

  • Magical Kingdom of Birds: The Sleepy Hummingbirds

    Author: Anne Booth Illustrator: Rosie Butcher
    Publisher: Oxford Children's Books

    When Maya receives a colouring book called The Magical Kingdom of Birds, she is transported to a beautiful realm filled with magnificent birds. A magical adventure story that is great for nature-lovers and those advancing to chapter books.

  • The Truth About My Unbelievable School

    Author: Davide Cali Illustrator: Benjamin Chaud
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    When Henry is asked to show a new pupil around the school, he takes her to see some rather fantastical things. A brilliantly quirky book, which is a quick read but still feels super cool.

  • The Variety of Life

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Lorna Scobie
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    Did you know there are 400,000 species of beetle but only eight species of bear? Jam-packed with fun facts and figures, this is a glorious celebration of our world by non-fiction specialist Nicola Davies.

  • The Bad Guys: Episodes 1 and 2

    Author: Aaron Blabey
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Written like a comic book, this is a very funny story, full of action and crazy characters. It's lots of fun and will probably make you laugh out loud.

  • The Zoological Times

    Author: Stella Gurney Illustrator: Matthew Hodson
    Publisher: Lincoln Children's

    The Zoological Times is laid out like a newspaper and jam-packed with news, fun facts and interactive features. It's all kept light and is very, very funny. It's s a brilliant way to keep kids entertained in the holidays – and they won't even realise they're learning. 

  • Rose’s Dress of Dreams

    Author: Katherine Woodfine Illustrator: Kate Pankhurst
    Publisher: Little Gems

    Bestselling children’s author Katherine Woodfine has created a beguiling, silky, beautiful tale based on the true story of the world’s first fashion designer, Rose Bertin. Perfect for any young fashion fans and for children just moving away from picture books.

  • The Night Knights

    Author: Gideon Sterer Illustrator: Cory Godbey
    Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers

    Night time might be considered a time for monsters, except heroic Night Knights guard children’s houses when darkness falls. A magically reassuring book for bedtime.

  • Sports are Fantastic Fun!

    Author: Ole Könnecke
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Full of brilliant detail about a vast range of sports, this highly entertaining illustrated picture book gives children a good introduction to their rules and ethos. Perfect for sporty children but also those less competitive!