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Great Books Guide 2017: for 4-5 year olds

The Bad Bunnies Magic Show

The Great Books Guide is published as part of Children's Book Week, a celebration of reading for pleasure at school.

Here's a round-up of books from over the last year (2017), which we think any child will love.

The books below are brilliant choices for those in Reception or Year 1 (4-5 years). 

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  • A Day With Dogs

    Dorothee de Monfreid
    Gecko Press

    What do dogs do all day? A fantastically fun naming and classification-style book, A Day With Dogs will appeal to little ones that like to list and name different types of things - be it dogs, trains or elements of nature.

  • Anywhere Farm

    Phyllis Root, Illustrated by G. Brian Karas
    Walker Books

    Rhyming text and warm illustrations create an uplifting tale that celebrates the joys and pleasures of growing not just food and flowers, but also friendships and communities.

  • Danny McGee Drinks The Sea

    Andy Stanton, Illustrated by Neal Layton
    Hodder Children's Books

    Can a boy really drink the sea? This book is pure anarchy and will have the whole family falling on the floor with tears of laughter running down their faces. 

  • Grumpy Frog

    Ed Vere
    Penguin Random House Children’s Books

    Ed Vere’s adorable illustration and sense of humour tells a wonderful story about little Frog overcoming his own anger and trying to think about others. There are also sweet and funny touches that help make this a very special book.

  • I’m Going to Eat This Ant

    Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

    Anteater is hungry, but he’s pretty tired of licking up nasty biting ants with his twirly tongue. You’ll be rooting for the hungry Anteater from the start: a fabulous, funny book that also celebrates food.

  • Izzy Gizmo

    Pip Jones, Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie
    Simon & Schuster

    Izzy Gizmo is a girl that loves inventing things: the Swirly Spagsonic, the Tea-Mendous and the Beardtastic, for instance. But unfortunately, something always goes wrong...  

  • Nanette’s Baguette

    Mo Willems
    Walker Books

    Nanette is excited to go to the bakery on her own to get the baguettes. Unfortunately, she cannot resist taking a bite - and then another... A story - told in giggle-inducing rhyme and quirky illustrations - all about responsibility and being truthful.

  • Scoot!

    Katie Blackburn, Illustrated by Jim Smith
    Faber & Faber

    This fun-filled celebration of the joy of scootering is sure to be a hit with all young two-wheeled riders. Energetic and joyful rhyming text, as well as bright illustrations, makes this an enjoyable read.

  • Superbat

    Matt Carr

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… It’s a bat in a funny costume. A brilliant and heartwarming picture book debut from Matt Carr, Superbat has so much charm, with striking graphic illustrations that pop from the pages.

  • The Bad Bunnies' Magic Show

    Mini Grey
    Simon & Schuster

    This is a wonderful, inventive and playful picture book about two naughty bunnies and their magic tricks, which will delight young readers and their parents alike.

  • The Cave

    Rob Hodgson
    Francis Lincoln Children’s Books

    There is a cave that is home to a creature: a creature that never leaves its cave… Because of the wolf. A laugh-out-loud story with a very BIG surprise and some glorious artwork: perfect for fans of Jon Klassen and Chris Haughton.

  • The Cow Who Fell to Earth

    Nadia Shireen
    Penguin Random House Children’s Books

    One night, a little cow falls to earth from the moon, but none of the earth animals speak her language. This lovely book about friendship and belonging is beautifully paced and has all of Nadia Shireen’s recognisable cute characters.