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Books to develop understanding of disability


The following list represents just a few examples of titles which feature disability as a theme and might be valuable in helping children and young people to consider their perceptions and understanding of disability.  

  • Accidents of Nature

    Author: Harriet McBride Johnson
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Jean, who has Cerebral Palsy, is about to spend ten days at Camp Courage (or ‘Crip Camp’ as her cabinmate Sara calls it), which is to prove an eye-opening experience.

  • Sometimes

    Author: Rebecca Elliott
    Publisher: Lion Hudson

    When Toby’s sister Clemmie is unwell, she has to go and stay in hospital...

  • Anything But Typical

    Author: Nora Raleigh Baskin
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    Jason is 12 and on the autistic spectrum...

  • Wonder

    Author: R J Palacio
    Publisher: Bodley Head

    August ('Auggie') Pullman can't help but stand out - he was born with a severe facial deformity. Written in the first person, Wonder follows Auggie as he experiences more than the usual ups-and-downs of friendships, family and school.

  • Whisper

    Author: Chrissie Keighery
    Publisher: Templar

    Fifteen year old Demi is starting a new school – always a nerve-racking experience. However, for Demi, it represents a time of far more dramatic change, as her new school is a college for deaf students, a recent case of Meningitis having left her profoundly deaf.

  • The Black Book of Colours

    Author: Menena Cottin Illustrator: Rosana Faria
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A visually impaired boy introduces us to colours as he experiences them – through his senses of hearing, touch, smell and taste.

  • The Reason I Jump

    Author: Naoki Higashida
    Publisher: Sceptre Publishing

    An invaluable tool for family members trying to understand autistic behaviour but also a fascinating and powerful read in its own right.