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Bookshine books


Great books to share with deaf children. The Bookshine booklist aims to introduce ideas for books for children up to the age of five, based on ideas given to us by parents, teachers, children and experts.

  • Orange Pear Apple Bear

    Emily Gravett, Illustrator: Emily Gravett
    Macmillan Children's books

    Emily Gravett's colourful yet sparse illustrations cleverly depict a bumbling bear interacting in many different and imaginative ways with the fruit mentioned in the title.

  • Lucy: Loud and Clear

    Laila Lavan, Illustrator: Beatriz Iglesias

    Lucy is deaf and Omar is rather flippantly pretending he can't understand her request. Lucy has to be creative if she is to find a solution.

  • Peek-a-Boo!

    Annie Kubler
    Child's Play

    The exuberant characters include children on supported mats, a child with a leg splint and a parent with a hearing aid.

  • See-Saw!

    Annie Kubler
    Child's Play

    This book offers nursery songs and among the many vibrant illustrations is a signing child with a hearing aid.

  • Is This My Nose?

    Georgie Birkett
    Random House

    This book is full of lots of faces and lots of fun!

  • That's Not My Kitten...

    Fiona Watt Illustrated by Rachel Wells
    Usborne Books

    One of a growing series of touch and feel board books with interesting textures and shapes for inquisitive fingers to explore.

  • Playtime Peekaboo!

    Dorling Kindersley

    Lots of different textures accompany clear photos of children and clean white backgrounds.

  • Sign About: Meal Time

    Anthony Lewis
    Child's Play

    A great introduction to simple signs which can be used with children from a very early age.

  • Incey Wincey Spider

    Annie Kubler
    Child's Play

    Part of the Sign and Singalong series of bright, colourful books featuring children showing signs and actions to accompany simple rhymes.

  • My First Animal Signs

    Anthony Lewis
    Child's Play

    One of the series of board books introducing useful words - delightful illustrations show children signing the words.

  • I Can't Hear Like You

    Althea Illustrated by: Bridget Dowty
    Catnip Publishing

  • What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

    Annie Kubler
    Child's Play

    A captivating story of wolves with dinner on their minds. The wolf finger puppet attached to the book brings the story to life and is great fun for snapping at little fingers.