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Books we love for ages 0-4: March 2018

Read The Book, Lemmings!

Here are the books we reviewed and loved this month for little ones aged four and under. Happy reading!

  • Birdy & Bou

    Author: David Bedford Illustrator: Mandy Stanley
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    The bright colours, bold style and short text make this a lovely picture book for young readers moving up from board books. It's a simple story of a new friendship with a useful message of sharing together.

  • Cycle City

    Author: Alison Farrell
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    This colourful, absorbing hardback is full of tiny but witty intimate scenes of the animal residents of Cycle City. It's also a seek-and-find tour of this town, where everyone is on wheels: pigs, elephants, snails and polar bears!

  • Juniper Jupiter

    Author: Lizzy Stewart
    Publisher: Lincoln Children’s Books

    Juniper Jupiter is a real-life superhero, but something is missing. What is a hero without an amazing sidekick? An utterly witty and earnest story about the quest for friendship and realising special bonds already forged.

  • Kaya’s Heart Song

    Author: Diwa Tharan Sanders Illustrator: Nerina Canzi
    Publisher: Lantana

    Kaya's mother says that to hear your heart song, you must quieten your mind. This picture book aims to promote mindfulness and there’s an explanation of the word at the back of the book, but it can also be read as a fantasy story.

  • Read The Book, Lemmings!

    Author: Ame Dyckman Illustrator: Zachariah OHora
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Welcome aboard the S S Cliff with first mate Foxy, Captain Polar Bear and three little lemmings. According to Foxy’s book, lemmings don’t actually jump off cliffs. There’s just one problem: the lemmings haven’t read it. An absolute joy to read.

  • Ten Fat Sausages

    Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Tor Freeman
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Everything in this sausagey counting book works perfectly: from the big, bold illustration to the satisfying rhyme that works well for preschoolers. It will also entertain adults and older children, who will really get the silly humour.

  • The Coral Kingdom

    Author: Laura Knowles and Jennie Webber
    Publisher: Words & Pictures Press

    The great beauty and diversity of the coral reef is explored in this stunningly beautiful picture book, which is a true work of art. The rhyming non-fiction text scans well and the information about coral reef conservation is pitched at the right level.

  • They Say Blue

    Author: Jillian Tamaki
    Publisher: Abrams

    In They Say Blue, we follow a young girl as she explores the colours in the world. A beautiful, poetic picture book that will inspire conversations with your child about what they can see around them, and the free association ideas and memories this prompts.

  • You're Safe With Me

    Author: Chitra Soundar Illustrator: Poonam Mistry
    Publisher: Lantana Publishing

    This simple story will comfort little ones and its soothing text will lull them to sleep. Accompanied with incredibly stunning and intricate illustrations, this picture book would make a great addition to the bedtime routine.