Straeon Dau Funud


A treasury of 24 delightful short stories which are perfect for bed-time reading

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Two Sides

Author: Polly Ho-Yen Illustrator: Binny Talib

Lula and Lenka are the best of friends until they have an argument and neither will say sorry. Will they ever manage to make up? Polly Ho-Yen beautifully explores the complexity of friendships and learning that there are always two sides of a story. 

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Hapus / Happy (bilingual)

Author: Emma Dodd Adapted by Ceri Wyn Jones

Stori i godi calon am fwynhau chwarae, chwerthin a dysgu gyda’r tylluanod bach a mawr anwylaf.  

A heart-warming story about enjoying play, laughter and learning with the cutest little and large owls. 

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