Worlds of Ink and Shadow

Publisher: Amulet

Charlotte and Branwell, the eldest of the four surviving Brontë children, have discovered a magical way to escape the drudgery of their daily life. They are able to cross over to Verdopolis, the fantastical literary world they have created. Here, they interact with their characters - but at a huge cost.

Their two younger sisters, Emily and Anne, long to be included in the adventure, not realising the devastating effect these crossings have on their siblings. As the draw of the literary world becomes irresistible, all four children must battle against madness, ghosts and a weakening grip on reality if they wish to survive.

This fantastic novel looks at the isolated lives of the Brontë children, cleverly combining fact with fiction. Each chapter is told from an alternate point of view, allowing insight into each character's driving force, as well as exploring the creative beginnings of their literary masterpieces. It is a fascinating and heart-breaking read.

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