Words and Your Heart

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

The words that we hear affect the way we feel. It's something we all know, but perhaps we don't stop to think about it enough. For instance, words can conjure a whole world of wonderful description and paint a picture in someone else's mind. When someone says something nice to us, it can make our hearts sing! But when people say mean things to us, it can also feel like our hearts are breaking. Words have great power – we can use them to make people feel stronger and happier – even laugh out loud and roll around!

A clear and simple meditation on the power of positive communication, Kate Jane Neal's picture book gets to the heart (pardon the pun) of how we can hurt or heal each other with our words, and presents its message with charming and appealing illustrations.

Many primary schools have a focus on caring and emotional intelligence now and this would be an ideal book to share with young children when talking about being caring and conscious of others' feelings. Similarly, it's a good one to read at home for Reception to Year Two-aged children in particular who are starting to navigate the stormy waters of friendships and growing up.

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