Woozy the Wizard: A Spell to Get Well

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Publisher: Faber & Faber

'In the faraway village of Snottington Sneeze, lived a wizened old wizard with knocketty knees'… whose name was Woozy. Woozy lives with his pig in a disorganised muddle amongst a vast library of spell books.

When the residents of Snottington Sneeze succumb to a nasty, snivel-inducing cold, they turn to Woozy and his magic for help but, try as he might, Woozy simply cannot find the right spell. Instead he resorts to knitting socks, making soup and tucking people into bed - which turns out to be the best medicine of all!

A delightful small-format picture book with engaging rhyming text telling a charming tale of a well-meaning but confused old wizard. Bold, expressive illustrations in bright colours complement the lively, humorous text.

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