Publisher: Pavilion

One spring night, a wolf spots a solitary sheep, singing in the moonlight. The wolf and the sheep fall in love. Their baby son has his mother's long snout and his father's fluffy body. Growing up, Woolf is lonely, so he joins a wolf pack. But Woolf doesn't enjoy hunting. Next he links up with a flock of sheep. But Woolf thinks it's boring following the other sheep around.  Woolf feels like he doesn't fit in anywhere. His parents tell him he is very special and will soon find friends. And today his best friends are a horse fly, a bullfrog and a catfish…

A funny, reassuring story about families, friendships and fitting in, with Woolf accepting that being true to yourself is more important than following the flock. Appealing illustrations make this an accessible introduction to the concepts of diversity and tolerance.

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