Witch Fire

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The second installment of Laura Powell's series about modern-day witches sees Glory and Lucas recruited by WICA, the office of Witchkind Intelligence and Covert Affairs, as young agents.

Their first assignment is to go undercover to gather information at an elite boarding school for troubled young witches in the Swiss Alps, which WICA believes may have been infiltrated by deadly terrorist organisation Endor. But their mission is upset by Glory's discovery that Lucas has been keeping some knowledge secret from her about the mysterious disappearance of her mother. Following the trail to South America, Lucas and Glory must put aside their differences and work together to discover the truth about Endor - and to keep each other safe from those who seek to harm them.

Fans of Powell's previous book in this series, Burn Mark, will be certain to enjoy this exciting sequel, which plunges Glory and Lucas into new peril and adventure, putting their loyalty to each other to the test. There is more romance and soul-searching in this second book, as the relationship between the protagonists continues to develop, but Powell's real talent remains her ability to conjur up a convincingly gritty and believable superantural world, in which the tensions wrought by power, class, fear and  diference are always at play.

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