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Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books

Wintergirls tells the story of Lia, a recovering anorexic living with her father, stepmother and adored stepsister. When Lia's former best friend (and bulimic), Cassie, is found dead in a motel room, Lia's delicate recovery is sent spiralling out of control.

She is obsessed with every calorie she consumes; repeatedly deceives her family; uses pro-anorexia internet communities and exercises long into the night to burn every precious calorie.

And soon, Lisa begins seeing the ghost of Cassie, who cruelly taunts her old friend for failing to save her life. Can her family bring Lia back from the brink or will she suffer the same devastating end as Cassie?

A gripping, unflinching and beautifully written exploration of the effect eating disorders have on sufferers, and those closest to them.

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