Winnie and Wilbur: The Big Bad Robot

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Winnie the Witch is back again in an exciting new adventure. She has been attending an art class where she learns many new skills, including painting sewing and knitting. When she is asked to create a model at her art class she decides to make a model teddy bear.  Her friends at the art class are all very impressed by her model but they all think it's a robot, not a teddy bear. Winnie decides to cast a spell to bring her toy robot to life. She soon finds out that her robot is a very bad robot and she needs the help of her cat Wilbur to put things right again.

Korky Paul and Valerie Thomas have once again created an engaging and entertaining Winnie the Witch story. The detailed illustrations add to the story and give the reader much to talk about. The text moves around the page with the events in the story which further engages the reader. An absolute must for all fans of Winnie the Witch.

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