Willy and the Cloud

Publisher: Walker Books

Former Children's Laureate Anthony Browne adds to his much-loved collection of picture books with a sensitive, supportive exploration of childhood anxiety and depression..

It's a lovely day with only a tiny cloud in the sky as Willy the Chimp sets off to meet his friends. But the cloud gets bigger and bigger. In the park it hovers just above Willy, keeping him out of the sun and out of the fun. The cloud follows him home and sits outside his kitchen window like a blanket of gloom. Willy feels hot and bothered. He thinks he's going to pop with panic. So he shouts at the cloud to go away. The cloud bursts and sheds soft rain instead. When the shower passes, Willy happily joins his friends in the park.

An insightful look at childhood fears from this award-winning author and illustrator.

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