Willow Wildthing and the Magic Spell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

For Willow and her five friends (the Wild Things), the small patch of woods in the middle of their dreary town is a haven known as the Wilderness. It’s a place where magic, nature and the imagination come together. When their beloved Wilderness comes under threat from a shady property developer named Lord Smog, Willow resolves that it’s up to her and the gang to help. At first, it’s not looking good. Lord Smog has money, power and all the adults are too busy to listen. But with help from friends and the resident ‘witch’, Willow discovers that words can be a magical force for change. Can the friends save their special place from the hands of the greedy developer in time?

This is the fourth title in Gill Lewis’ Willow Wildthing series but it is readable as a standalone adventure story. Touching on themes of conservation and friendship, this is a gorgeously written tale that champions the power of nature, imagination and standing up for what you believe in. Complete with illustrations, the story is also a gentle, accessible introduction to the very real kinds of non-violent action that many children are taking today in support of the natural world.

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