William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trucks

Publisher: Pavilion

William Bee loves trucks. A lot. In fact, he loves them so much, he has written and illustrated this amazing guide to giant vehicles of all kinds.

From a coal-fired steam truck, a racing car transporter, a rescue truck, fire truck, café truck or snow-blowing truck, not to mention the essential fuel tanker, this is the definitive guide to some of the most useful and fun vehicles in existence.

Assisted by a small team of Minion-like traffic cones and a faithful pooch, William's enthusiastic tour of his collection of utility vehicles, and the garage that helps to keep them in tip-top condition, will be a joy for youngsters.

Whether they are reading independently, being read to or simply revelling in the detail and gentle humour of the vivid illustrations, children will return to this book again and again and probably spot something new every time.

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