Wilf the Mighty Worrier and the Alien Invasion

Publisher: Quercus

Wilf is worrying about things again - suits of armour and being turned into soup, to name a couple of things - but he'll have to cast those fears aside when he's thrown into an adventure with aliens.

Wilf's neighbour Alan has evil plans to take over the universe with his recently built spaceship. But when Alan comes back from space, deciding that he'd rather tidy his sock drawer than dominate planets, another spaceship follows him home. The aliens invade and a mission to Mars ensues.

Being a worrier is something lots of children have to cope with and the madcap humour in the Wilf series gives it appeal beyond its anxious main character. Fun page design with busy illustrations and illuminated fonts might even persuade reluctant readers to take a chance on Wilf.

For everyone else, it's a funny and silly adventure that is as bizarre as Wilf's concerns about bald cats.

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