Publisher: Firefly Press

The Welsh village of Witches Point is legendary for all the wrong reasons. A witch’s curse predicts that after being plagued by a terrifying heat, everyone in the village will die.

So when Wilde arrives to stay with her Aunt Mae in the middle of the most intense heatwave for years, she is instantly worried that the weird things she thought she had left behind seem to be following her after all.

She is desperate to fit in at her new school but when pupils start finding mysterious notes containing frightening curses signed by ‘The Witch’, the finger of blame points at Wilde. And she doesn’t know how to begin to clear her name.

Hypnotic and original use of language brings Wilde’s world vividly to life and instantly transports you to the extreme heat of a midsummer drought and all the bad-tempered imaginings that might come with it. This is a story of suspicion and superstition, of bullying and friendship, and of fear of the unknown. But mainly it’s a story about being weird and different and how both of those things can not only be good - they might actually make you who you are meant to be.

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