Wild Song

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Living in a creaking castle on a remote, windswept island off Scotland, Anna has never known anyone other than her father, his assistant and their two servants. She is kept away from books, pictures and other children by her father, a mathematical genius, who is slowly losing his mind. Then one wild stormy day a boy washes up on the shore, a boy who will change her whole world and make her question everything she has ever believed in.

With her eyes opened to life outside of the island Anna soon realises that someone close to her is determined to destroy what is left of her father’s fragile sanity. Determined to protect him Anna faces her fears and, with the help of her new-found friend, breaks free from her isolation.

This atmospheric short story inspired by The Tempest will hook readers from the first rain-drenched paragraph. With large, well-spaced print, it is easy to read and especially well suited to those who are dyslexic or have reading difficulties, as well as reluctant readers.

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