Why Are There So Many Books about Bears?

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

In the hallowed hall of Mollusc college, the animals with the most brilliant minds have come together to answer the impossible question: why are there so many books about bears?

Each animal puts forward their own theory: Snakespeare argues it is because so many words rhyme with bear, Swinestein claims it is a matter of size, Newton says it is because bears are soft, while Shelley thinks it is due to their human-like qualities. The animals cannot reach a decision and stop for a rather illuminating tea break, but when one question is solved, another immediately arises!

There are plenty of jokes for the adults here, but children who don’t recognise the names should still have fun following the debate. Each animal makes a fairly good case and it could be a young child’s first experience of a debate set-up that would make for a fun classroom activity or discussion topic. The bright illustrations are colourful and Disney-esque, with a giant folding flap page that adds a nice surprise.

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