Who Killed Darius Drake?

Publisher: Usborne


When he receives a mysterious letter written in blood asking, ‘Who Killed Darius Drake?’, Darius – who is very much alive – is determined to find out who sent it and why. Recruiting schoolmate Arthur’s help, the first clue leads them to a creepy old abandoned house across town. But what they find there is not what they expected.

With its strange, underhanded threat, the letter is a catalyst that leads the boys into a deep plot involving a mysterious town legend, a family tragedy, and clues to finding the priceless, long-lost Dunbar Diamonds. Can Arthur, Darius, and Arthur’s step-sister Deidre solve this hundred-year-old mystery for good – and escape those who’d kill for the treasure?

A crime mystery with a treasure-hunting twist, readers are kept guessing right up to the end. Does someone want Darius dead? Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth? Can anyone be trusted? Meanwhile, Rodman Philbrick cleverly turns character stereotypes inside out – Arthur, stocky and obsessed with food, isn’t the dim bully everyone’s decided he is, and Darius, orphan and science nerd, is perfectly happy living in a children’s home.

A pacey, page-turning read with a dramatic conclusion.

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