Whiffy Wilson

Publisher: Orchard Books

Whiffy Wilson is a Wolf. He never brushes his hair or washes his paws, face, or underwear. His fur’s got beasties; his toes have fungus; he eats with his paws and picks his nose! It’s no wonder that Whiffy is whiffy! His mother says he simply must wash – so he decides to run away.

Enter Whiffy’s angel of salvation: Dotty!  Protesting deeply, Whiffy is whisked to the bathroom and there follows a whirlwind of hairwashing, nail-clipping and teeth brushing.  Now Dotty will play with Whiffy; and Whiffy finally understands that dirt is fine – as long as you wash afterwards!

The endearing Whiffy has some magnificent facial expressions in this picture book that will help even the most reluctant toddlers come to terms with bathtime and haircuts. The rhyming text is hilarious, making this is a wonderful cautionary tale.

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