Where’s Mrs Car?

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Mr Train is at the station, waiting to leave; Mrs Plane is in the sky, behind a cloud; Mr Boat is out on the water; and a very jaunty Mrs Car is waiting at some traffic lights.

Introducing babies and young toddlers to the names of a small selection of transport types, Where’s Mrs Car? follows the same winning format as the rest of the Where’s Mr/Mrs series by the fabulous Ingela P Arrhenius, whose bold, graphic illustrations really capture the attention of little ones. As usual, each page features an item (in this case, a train, plane, car and a boat), each behind its own coloured and specifically shaped felt flap. The last page has a mirror behind a felt flap (this time, the flap is in the shape of a house) so that babies can see themselves, and parents can play peekaboo.

The felt flaps are very strong, yet feel soft to the touch, so little ones can tug and chew on them to their heart’s content and not break the book.

These hide and seek books are perfectly made and executed with a simple concept that works well and which babies love.

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