Where's Baby Elephant?

Publisher: Tiny Owl

This innovative picture book invites the audience to embark on a wonderous journey through the pages, to discover the whereabouts of baby elephant. Is she with the orangutans, the crocodile and her hatchlings, or perhaps the lion and his cubs? Luckily, the little bear cub knows where she might be hiding.

With twelve animal families concealed within four pages, the simple yet clever format enables seamless transformations from one species to the next. Children will be delighted when, with the lifting of a flap, a whale and her calf are transformed into a toucan and her chicks, who then morph into a fox and her kits as the final section is unfolded.

Minimal text on each page guides the reader through the tale, where the focus is entirely on the vibrant, painterly illustrations. Cardboard pages ensure this is more robust than a standard picture book and will be able to withstand lots of use. An inventive way to introduce children to a range of animals, this stunning book is a pleasure to read and is sure to become a firm favourite.

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