What I Couldn’t Tell You

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd

Laura has fallen in love (very quickly and intensely) with Joe, who she has only known for a few weeks. One drunken evening, she is violently attacked. With Laura in a coma in hospital, and Joe having disappeared, family and friends are left to question who can have been responsible and why.  

It's Laura's younger sister Tessie who then takes up the narrative. Tessie is selectively mute, not having spoken outside the house since she was little. Tessie picks through the clues that may or may not help uncover the truth, whilst also coping with distractions such as problems in her relationship with close friend Max, and powerful feelings for a new boy at school. Who is good and who is evil - or is it that clear-cut?

An 'unputdownable' mystery, in which we race the narrator to solve the crime - and a character with selective mutism is included without sensationalism or clichés.

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