What Do Machines Do All Day?

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions


This fully illustrated book features more than 100 machines and things that go. It's perfect for any children who like to ask "why?" or have a fascination with how things work and slot together. It's also great for young ones who just love to watch trucks or trains!

Exploring 14 different scenes in diverse places, from the farm to the theme park, What Do Machines Do All Day? is a comprehensive look at an amazing range of machines. With an index of machinery at the back of the book, it's easy to dip in and out of for fresh nuggets of information. 

Illustrated with a bold and retro style that has a bit of a 1980s computer graphics vibe, and packaged in a large hardback with a riot of colour, this is a lovely, "gift-y" book to cherish. It will certainly make families thankful for all the machines in their life, doing some of the hard work so they don't have to...

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