What About the Tooth Fairy?

Publisher: Hodder

The Tooth Fairy and her assistant Perez the Tooth Mouse have a busy job: every night, they load up on coins and spend the night collecting teeth, leaving the money and then taking their haul back to their massive tooth castle. But there’s just one thing bothering the Tooth Fairy: when is Tooth Fairy Day? Everyone else has a special day: Father Christmas has Christmas, Jack O’Lantern and his spooky friends have Halloween and Cupid (or Chad, as he likes to be known) has Valentine’s Day.

The others decide that Tooth Fairy has to pass a variety of tests: seasonal decorations, chocolate, archery and being scary – none of which the Tooth Fairy does well at. Yet when Tooth Fairy refuses to come out of her room, Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, Chad and the rest have to step in to collect the teeth – and it’s not as easy as it looks.

Elys Dolan brings us another delightfully imagined story with hilarious characters and a heartwarming message of inclusion in this homage to the Tooth Fairy. As with all her books, there’s lots of brilliant background detail and amusing dialogue between the characters: Chad the Cupid is a particular joy, and it’s great to see a black Tooth Fairy as the heroine.

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