We’re All Wonders

Publisher: Puffin

Based on Palacio's Wonder, this picture book deals with issues of difference and bullying. Born with no features other than one eye, the protagonist Auggie is mocked by his peers. The love of his mother, his friendship with his pet dog and his escape into imaginary play as an astronaut help Auggie to enjoy life despite the persecution of other children. The book ends on an uplifting note as Auggie muses that people can learn to see differently, implying that the acceptance he seeks may be closer than he thinks.

Palacio has dispensed the sentiment Wonder into this brilliant book for younger readers. Her illustrations hammer home Auggie's feelings of otherness, with Auggie drawn featureless other than his one eye, which contrasts with her more detailed drawings of the other children. Palacio has yet again delivered a highly necessary message.

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