Welcome To My Crazy Life

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The poems in this collection have brilliant titles like The Coffee Monster, Space Junk, Catastrophe and Don’t Forget Your Trousers. It’s fairly easy to imagine what they could be about from these names, and the poems themselves are equally understandable and accessible. Most of them are funny too, and this is a genuinely laugh out loud collection, from the set of alternative haikus to the one about the frustrations of trying to find the end of the roll of sellotape (other brands of sticky tape are available…).

This all makes it a great collection to share with readers who might think that poetry is boring or isn’t for them. But these poems are also clever and multi-layered. They play with language and with poetry tropes and yes, while most of them are funny, there are some serious matters covered too (like feeling angry, anxious or lonely). So there’s also lots to unpick and discuss and think about should you wish to.

Simple line drawings accompany the poems, adding extra humour, while clear type and lots of white space support accessibility. A brilliant introduction to the joy of poetry.

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