Welcome to Mamoko

Publisher: Big Picture Press

Welcome to Mamoko! It's the day of the Town Carnival - but will all the townsfolk be able to go?

The cover of this innovative large-format picture book, first published in Poland, urges 'Use Your Eyes!' - and young readers will need to do just that. The first page introduces children to a host of idiosyncratic animal characters, each of whom has their own particular dilemma or story. Young readers can then follow them through the wordless page spreads, which are crammed with a kaleidoscope of details to explore. An artwork has been stolen, Vincent Brisk is late for his date, Miss Chubb has lost her crystal ball, and Edwin Drench has an emergency to deal with - can everything be put right before the carnival is due to start?

Reminiscent of the ever-popular Where's Wally? books as well as Richard Scarry's Busy Town, this is a brilliant book for encouraging children to use their imaginations. Here, the reader becomes the storyteller, coming up with their own interpretation of what is happening in the pictures, and stringing together their own stories about the characters - and there are all kinds of weird and wonderful details to spot on the pages too, which can in turn become starting points for new ideas. The distinctive quirky, funny illustrations and high production values make this book even more irresistible to imaginative young readers, who will enjoy revisiting it time and time again. 

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