Ways to Make Sunshine

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Everything is changing in Ryan Hart’s life and not for the better. Her father has lost his job and they’re having to move house and sell the car. No matter how her parents try to make it seem like an improvement, Ryan knows that it isn’t. Their new house isn’t really new; it’s old. Her old friends suddenly seem richer than her, and their new friends don’t welcome her. But despite the difficulties, Ryan manages to find ways of ‘making sunshine’, helped by friends who stick with her no matter what, and a caring family who laugh together and bond through their shared love of cooking.

Without ever shying away from difficult topics such as racism and financial hardship, this is a positive, optimistic story. Ryan is a character who is easy to love; always doing her best to look on the bright side, even though her life is complicated. For readers who are going through tough or troubling times, this book will be a welcome dose of happiness.

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