Walk This World

Publisher: Big Picture Press

'Let's take a stroll to the four corners of the globe...'

This gorgeously-produced book from illustrator and graphic designer Lotta Nieminen will take young readers on a tour of the world - from morning in New York to the UK, Australia, France, Brazil, Senegal, Russia and more. Children will love exploring every element of the beautifully-designed spreads in a palette of luscious colours, lifting the flaps to peep through doors and open windows, to take in all the well-observed details of life in different countries - some of which will be very familiar, others which maybe more surprising.

This is far from a fact book: the cities themselves are never named, and the text is minimal, yet this book makes a great starting point for conversations about other countries and cultures. The pages are great fun to explore, offering plenty to stimulate children's imaginations. There is so much to look at and talk about here - as well as an underlying message that although places may look very different, those who inhabit them have much in common. 

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