Waffle Hearts

Publisher: Walker Books


All manner of unexpected things happen when your best friend and neighbour is Lena. Trille is accustomed to seemingly innocuous ideas evolving into unexpected dramas - whether it's helping with the midsummer bonfire, re-enacting Noah's Ark or advertising for a new Dad for Lena. 

Usually - with a little help from Grandpa and Auntie Grannie's waffles -everything turns out all right. But one summer everything changes; Lena and Auntie Grannie are gone and Trille is sad and lonely. But irrepressible Lena engineers a solution - albeit involving a death-defying toboggan ride and concussion!

Simultaneously funny and hair-raising, these stories are beautifully crafted creating a subtly textured emotional world, strong in its sense of place and community, never shying away from the joys and difficulties of friendship, and profound loss. 

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