Treacle Street: Where's William's Washing?

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

It’s a warm day on Treacle Street and William Tripehound is hanging out his washing. But suddenly – whoosh! A gust of wind blows away his pants, his socks, his trousers and his apron and William rushes to try and get them back.

None of his neighbours on Treacle Street think they have seen any of William’s missing clothes but between them they have acquired quite a few useful items today including; a new flag, a sail for an airship and a cover for a deckchair.

It will take the sharp eyes of observant youngsters to help find William’s washing under each of the sturdy, colourful flaps but, once everything is safely retrieved, William has a very special way to say, ‘Thank you’.

Celebrating a lively community spirit, this is the third in the ‘Treacle Street’ series of books for the very young and existing fans will recognise many characters and the roles they play.   

Lively, dynamic illustrations perfectly encapsulate the look and feel of a windy day and feature extra detail as well as the familiar cast of delightful animal characters.

With gentle humour and a simple narrative, both text and illustrations give plenty of opportunity for discussion and interaction.

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