Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep

Publisher: David Fickling Books

The Watcher of Wildsea has always been a Dark. But when Andrew Dark drowns, there is no obvious successor. His brother is away in London and has been out of touch for years so, although he is sent for straight away, it falls to Mr Dark’s ward, Utterly, to keep watch until he arrives.

Determined to do the best job she can, Utterly goes looking for answers to explain the last few strange entries in Mr Dark’s log but all she finds are more questions.

Do the myths and legends that influence daily life on Wildsea exist because the island-dwellers have attempted to explain extraordinary natural phenomena? Or could the stories of the Gorm and its wrathful destruction be true, after all?

In this tense and exciting supernatural thriller, readers are immediately immersed in the magic and mystery of a community with its own superstitions, customs and odd inhabitants.

The sea is an ever-present threatening entity. The beaches are dangerous and the water harbours secrets and unspeakable monsters. It’s not immediately clear who the "good guys" are in this story, which makes it a great edge-of-seat adventure for those who like a book to keep them guessing to the end.

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