Up and Down Mum

Publisher: Child’s Play

Everyone has good days and bad days, but in some cases, it is far more extreme. Life for some families can feel like a rollercoaster ride.

Here a child introduces us to their mum – a great storyteller and a splendid spaghetti cook. When she’s happy, she’s on top of the world. Other days, she seems to be trapped in a deep, dark hole. Sometimes she can’t get out of bed, or her brain is thinking so hard that she’s like a runaway train with no brakes.

Fortunately, the family knows how and when to ask for help.

This powerful and moving portrayal of a parent with Bipolar Disorder is laced with hope and reassurance, helping children to see that while they cannot fix the person they love, they can play a vital part in supporting them and being there for them.

While the book does not shirk away from the reality of the disorder, it also shares the warmth and happiness and love within the family. And above all, we see that no matter how hard things can be sometimes, she is still Mum.

Touching and convincing, this inspired picture book was created in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust.

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