Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Everyone loves their "baku", a companion robot animal that is so close to the real thing that it is hard to tell them apart. The bakus are like mobile phones, but better: they link directly into your brain and help you do all kinds of things better than you could alone. Which is great – until the company that makes them is taken over by people who want to control your minds.

Lacey Chu always wanted to work for Moncha, the company that make the bakus she loves so much. But now she knows that not everything is what it seems. Instead of being her favourite company’s best employee, she has to become its biggest enemy. She and a group of friends and bakus must join forces to try and stop Moncha stealing the minds and personalities of everyone in the world.

This is a sequel to Jinxed, and would be best read after that book. The plot and romance mean that it may be enjoyed by readers of The Hunger Games. Similar books include Feed by M T Anderson. For teachers, this could be a good book to link to Frankenstein on the theme of the ethics of creation.

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