Unipiggle the Unicorn Pig - Unicorn Muddle

Publisher: Usborne

Princess Pea of Twinkletown is perfectly pristine - but although she diligently practices yoga, she longs to climb trees. To celebrate the selection of her first Royal Unicorn, Queen Bee and King Barry organise a Unicorn Parade. Everyone is delighted with the sugary sweet unicorns except Princess Pea who is besotted with a pig with a horn – Unipiggle!

No-one can find a reason to exclude Unipiggle, so the competition begins. But when a storm appears and wreaks havoc, Princess Pea sneaks away, tempted by a marshmallow tree - only to become trapped in mud! Which unicorn will bravely rescue the Princess and win her heart?

This delightful story about a girl who wants to burst free from society's expectations and be her ordinary self is perfect for younger readers. The attention to detail in this storybook is fabulous, with tiny speech bubbles for flowers who whisper to Princess Pea and teeming with colourful illustrations of the palace interiors - right down to the royal toothbrushes!

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