Under Earth

Publisher: Nosy Crow

As a Weather Witch, Storm is obliged to sail with the fleet as they cross the dangerous waters that could so easily destroy the ships and claim the lives of the crew. And it’s not just the sea that is treacherous; the Drowned Ones are out for revenge and could attack at any time.

But it’s Bellum Town, the trading hub for all the islands, which seems to hold the greatest danger for Storm and her countrymen as she learns that her powers are much in demand. Fake friends and the ruthless leaders will use persuasion, bribery and even extreme violence to get control of her magic. 

Following on from the final scenes of the first book in the Storm Witch series, Under Earth sees Storm learning more about the extent of her powers and how she can harness them to defend the autonomy of her island home. 

Superb world-building and an almost ethereal quality contrast dramatically with an autocracy that has parallels in the real world and the recognisable conflict between duty and personal ambition.  

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