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Publisher: Barrington Stoke

It's been five years since Alix last saw Ben, Zara and Dean. When they were 13, they had the best summer of their lives. Along with their friend Millie, they even made a time capsule to remember it.

But when they went their separate ways after school, only Millie tried to keep in touch. When Millie dies, Alix is tasked with getting the remaining members of the group together to find the memory box, and open it in her honour.

This is a touching story of old friends coming together after years apart. They have inevitably changed over time, and aren't initially willing to share much about their current lives. Alix in particular is concerned about revealing her newfound sexuality.

For a short novella, these are wonderfully complex characters working out how they can fit together now they feel more like strangers - and how they still have the ability to support each other in difficult times.

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