Uki and the Outcasts

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Compelling and imaginative, this epic fantasy adventure series is set in the Five Realms, a world dominated by tribes of rabbits. Following on from a previous trio of tales about the legendary Podkin One-Ear, this new trilogy focuses on another band of hero rabbits, led by Uki.

Driven from his home by bullies, Uki is weak, injured and close to death when he is saved by Iffrit, a guardian spirit. For centuries, Iffrit has guarded four evil creatures in an underground crystal prison, but now they have overpowered their captor and escaped.

Before he dies, Iffrit passes his powers and memories to Uki, imploring him to recapture the fugitives before they wreak havoc on the world. Uki is joined on his quest by two other courageous rabbits: Jori, a trained assassin who has disgraced her tribe by refusing to kill; and Kree, a small but mighty plains rabbit with a quick temper and resourceful nature.

This multi-layered story weaves together Uki’s tale with strands from the Podkin series, and even the narrator’s journey becomes part of the adventure. Stunning atmospheric black-and-white double-page drawings feature throughout, bringing the characters to life and enticing readers into this unfamiliar yet utterly believable world.

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