Treacle Street: Prima's Missing Bunnies

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

It’s a very special evening on Treacle Street and everyone is very excited about the bunnies’ Dance School’s first performance of their musical epic Duck Pond. However, Miss Prima, the dance teacher, can’t find the bunnies anywhere! She finds some hungry bunnies in the café, the prop store and inside the piano in the orchestra pit, but can she find them all before the curtain goes up?

The second book in Kate Hindley’s brilliant Treacle Street lift-the-flap board book series showcases her stunning illustration and presents a simple story for little ones who loved the Spot books. There’s lots of detail to look at, from a scrumptious sandwich and cake spread in the café to a prop store full of fascinating knick-knacks readers can look at and talk about for ages.

Hindley uses a charming slightly retro feel in these books which are reminiscent of Alex T Smith’s Claude books, but for a slightly younger audience.

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